About us

Producing tailored plastic packaging since 1991.

Company PLASTYKO WORD s.r.o. was founded in 2003 as a next step in activies of Mr. Miroslav Mert in producing of tailor made plastic packaging. From one man show started in 1991 we developed into company which able to be a partner for leaders of various industries. Plastic boxes and blister for packaging of industry goods, desing packaging for food or trays for fixation during transportation / manufacturing process. In 2020 we added new manufacturing capacities which are in compliance with ISO 7, international cleanness standard.

Since the estabilishment of our company, we were always seen as technically advanced manufactured. Most of our customers have been accquired based on the references or personal experiences. We are able to produce a package based on the sample or 3D model of your product. Choise of the right material and design of the package itself may be left completely in our hands. Molds are also produced in-house.

We are able to handle series of hundreds to millions pieces per year. Thanks to our broad scope of technologies, we are always able to find the compromise.

Untill this day we are still runned and owned by family of founders. We do care about each customer and his satisfaction.

Best regards,
Team of PLASTYKO WORD s.r.o.