We are Plastykoword

We produce packages by thermoforming. Our materials are PVC, PET, PSH, PP and BOPS. Our products found their customers around the globe.

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We are here to help you

We provide complex services. Besides the manufacturing we can create the design of package and mold. Various technologies allows us to produce series of hundreds as well as millions.

  • boxes and bowls

    Boxes and bowls

    We supply industry packages, food packages and health care packages (ISO 7 cleanness).

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  • blisters


    We can provide you with blisters for welding or sliding cards.

  • traye


    For transportation or manufacturing purposes.


Cylinder boxes

cylinder boxes

We produce and sell cylinder boxes of various sizes for sale of food or decorative items.

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Tailored molds

In our work rooms we produce mold. According to your or our drawing.

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Why you should chose us?
  • Technology park

    As modern as possible machines suitable for small or large series. Long time experience in the field.

  • Quickness and flexibility

    We are keeping everything in-house. That makes us as flexible as possible.

  • Own toolshop

    For higher quality of molds.

  • Certificates

    ISO 9001 and cleanness ISO 7. Standard of health care products.

Distribution of PP, PET, PS a PVC

Distribution of PET , PVC , PSH, PP a BOPS fólií v rolích.

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Repurchase of material

repurchase of material

Buyback of your non-contamined leftovers.

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